Genealogical Dictionary of New England

A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, Showing Three Generations of Those Who Came Before May 1692, by James Savage, Boston, 1860-1862,  4 Vols., 4to., 2541 pages.  Digital Edition on CD-ROM © February 2000.

For anyone with ancestors in New England before 1692, James Savage's Genealogical Dictionary needs no introduction.  It is a must-have resource for libararies and genealogists.  GPC has reprinted it several times since the early '80's, and is currently selling it for $150 (plus $8.50 for postage).

The Digital Edition can be had on CD for $50 or less.

More importantly, the Digital Edition is so significantly superior to mere hard-copy reprints that it can honestly be called a "new, improved edition" -- the first in 140 years!

In the Digital Edition, we have reformatted the text to improve readability and make the job of finding the information you want much, much easier.

To find out just how much easier, click here.  This will take you to a place from which you can open a DOC file containing two version of a page from the Genealogical Dictionary.  The first version is the one that you will find in paper-based books (which you can buy from GPC and other suppliers); the second is one that you will find in the Digital Edition.  Decide for yourself which one you would rather work with. [Opening this file will also test the ability of your word processing software to handle MS Word (DOC) Format]:
In the Digital Edition, we have revised the text to incorporate all additions and corrections.  Text that has been added or changed is shown in italics; text that has been deleted or replaced is preserved in footnotes.
Of the 2,541 pages in the hard-copy edition, there are nearly 200 pages of "additions and corrections."  These are a genealogist's nightmare, first because you have to remember, once you've found your family, to look in the "additions and corrections" to see if anything has changed.  Chances are, it has.  If you find a change on the page you're working with, you have to count lines from top or bottom to pinpoint the intended location; then you have to check subsequent volumes, as well, to find additional changes (Vols. III and IV both have changes for earlier volumes, and sometimes these changes correct not the original text itself, but earlier "additions and corrections").  With the Digital Edition, you don't have to worry about finding  the changes: we've done it for you!
The Digital Edition: Complete with six text files (14.5 Mb), including the Digital Editions version of Dexter's 1884 "Cross Index."

Enhancements: "Quick links" at the head of each volume that transport you instantaneously to the approximate location (within five to seven pages) of the surname you're looking for.

Price, shipping included:  $45.00 (before ordering, please see our note on prices)

Save Money:  Deduct $15 for each additional title on your CD.  Check out our list of publications!

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