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 BAILEY  Early Connecticut Marriages Prior to 1800
 HINMAN  Connecticut During the Revolution
  HINSHAW  Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Volume I: North Carolina
 NOYES, LIBBY, DAVIS  Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire
 POPE  Pioneers of Massachusetts, a Descriptive List
 SAVAGE  A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England


Towns and Counties:

 CONNECTICUT  History of Norwich (by Caulkins)
 History of Ridgefield ( by Rockwell)
 The History of Ancient Wethersfield (by Adams and Stiles, 1904)
 Memorial History of Hartford County (by Trumbull, 1886)
  MAINE  The Beginnings of Colonial Maine, 1602-1658 (by Burrage, 1914)
 MARYLAND  Old Kent: The Eastern Shore of Maryland (by Hanson)
 MASSACHUSETTS  Barnstable: Three Centuries of a Cape Cod Town (by Trayser)
 History of Cambridge, 1630-1877 ( by Paige)
 History of Concord (by Shattuck, 1835)
 History of Hadley (by Judd and Boltwood, 1863)
 History of Lynn, including Lynnfield, Saugus, Swampscot, and Nahant (Lewis & Newhall)
 History of the Town of Medford (by Brooks, 1855)
 Early Settlers of Watertown (by Bond, 1860)
  NEW HAMPSHIRE  History of the Town of Andover, New Hampshire (by Eastman, 1910)
  NEW JERSEY  Narratives of Newark (by Pierson, 1917)
  RHODE ISLAND  History of Block Island (by Livermore, 1877)
 VERMONT  The Town of St. Johnsbury (by Fairbanks, 1912) 
  VIRGINIA  Annals of Tazewell County (by Harman, 1922)



 ADAMS  Robert Adams of Newbury, Mass., and His Descendants, 1635-1900
 ANDREWS  Genealogical History of John and Mary Andrews (1872)
 History of the Andrews Family: a Genealogy of Robert Andrews (1890)
  AYLSWORTH  Arthur Aylsworth and His Descendants in America (1887)
  BARTLETT  The Bartletts ... Descendants of John Bartlett (1892)
 BARTON  Lt. William Barton of Morris County, New Jersey, and His Descendants
  BASYE  The Basye Family in the United States
 BENSON  Jacob Benson, Pioneer, and His Descendants (Dutchess County, New York)
  BEVERLEY  The Beverley Family of Virginia (Descendants of Major Robert)
  BIGELOW  Genealogy of the Bigelow Family in America
 BINGHAM  Descendants of Erastus Bingham and Lucinda Gates
 Ancestors of the Bingham Family of Utah
 Life of Erastus Bingham and Family
 The Bingham Family in the United States (by T. A. Bingham, 3 Vols., 1927)
 BOSWORTH  Bosworth Genealogy: Descendants of Edward Bosworth
 Bosworth Bulletins (1923-1942 and 1979-1995)
  BOYDEN  Thomas Boyden and His Descendants
  BURGESS  Burgess Genealogy: The Family of Thomas and Dorothy Burgess (Sandwich, 1637) (1865)
 BUSHNELL  Bushnell Family Genealogy (Ancestors & Descendants of Francis)
  CABELL  The Cabells and their Kin (Descendants of Dr. William Cabell of Virginia)
  CABOT  History and Genealogy of the Cabot Family, 1475-1927
  CARPENTER  History and Genealogy of the Carpenter Family in America (Providence, 1637)
  CHURCH  Descendants of Richard Church of Plymouth, Mass.
 CHURCHILL  The Churchill Family in America (Descendants of John, Josiah, and William)
  COOLEY  The Cooley Genealgy: Descendants of Ensign Benjamin Cooley
  CORWIN  The Corwin Genealogy in the United States
  CROCKETT  The Crockett Family and Connecting Lines
 CUMMINGS  Cummings Genealogy: Isaac Cummings of Ipswich and Some of His Descendants
  CURD  The Curd Family in America (1981 edition)
  DAKIN  Descendants of Thomas Dakin of Condord, Massachusetts
 DOANE  The Doane Family (Deacon John of Plymouth and Doctor John of Maryland)
 DOTY  The Doty-Doten Family in America, Descendants of Edward Doty (Mayflower passenger)
  DOW  The Book of Dow: Genealogical Memoirs
  DUVALL  Mareen Duvall of Middle Plantation: A Genealogical History (Maryland)
  DWIGHT  History of the Descendants of John Dwight of Dedham, Mass. (1874)
 EASTMAN  History and Genealogy of the Eastman Family of America (1901)
 History and Genealogy of Deacon Joseph Eastman of Hadley, Massachusetts (1908)
 ELLIOT  The John Elliot Family of Boscawen, New Hampshire
  EVERETT  Descendants of Richard Everett, Dedham, Massachusetts
  FAIRBANKS  Genealogy of the Fairbanks Family in America, 1633-1897
  FROST  Frost Genealogy in Five Families (Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland)
  GALLUP  Genealogical History of the Gallup Family in the United States
 GENTRY  The Gentry Family in America, 1676-1909
  GOULD   The Family of Zaccheus Gould of Topsfield (1895)
  GROW (GROO)  John Grow of Ipswich, John Groo of Oxford
  HARLAN  History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family (Pennsylvania, 1687)
 HOPKINS  John Hopkins of Cambridge, 1634, and Some of His Descendants
  HULL  The Hull Family in America
 HUNTINGTON  The Huntington Family in America (Descendants of Simon)
 KIDDER  A Genealogy of the Kidder Family (Descendants of Ensign James)
  KIMBALL  History of the Kimball Family in America, 1634-1897
  KNOX  The Knox Family: Descendants of John Knox of Rowan County
  LEE  John Leigh of Agawam (Ipswich) Massachusetts and His Descendants of the Name of Lee
  LEFFINGWELL  The Leffingwell Record (Descendants of Lt. Thomas of Norwich)
  LEVETT  Christopher Levett of York, the Pioneer Colonist of Casco Bay (1623)
 LITTLE  The Descendants of George Little, Who Came to Newbury, Massachusetts in 1640
  LORING  Loring Genealogy (Descendants of Thomas, by Charles Henry Pope)
 PALMER  Groups of Palmer Families from Walter Palmer
  PAYNE  The Paynes of Virginia  (Descendants of John Payne of Rappahannock)
  PECK  Genealogical History of the Descendants of Joseph Peck (1868)
  PERRY  Descendants of John Perry of London, 1604-1954
  PETTINGELL  A Pettingell Genealogy (Richard, Nathaniel, and Samuel)
  POND   A Genealogical Record of Daniel Pond and His Descendants (1873)
  PRATT  The Pratt Family: a Genealogical Record of Mathew Pratt of Weymouth, Mass.
  RANSOM  Ransom Family of America (Colchester, Conn. Branch)
  RAWSON  The Ancestry of Edward Rawson (1887)
  READ  The Reads and Their Relatives (Virginia)
  RICE  Genealogical History of the Rice Family (Ward, 1858)
 Edmund Rice and His Family (Smith, 1938)
  RUSLING  The Rusling Family (James Rusling of New Jersey)
  SESSIONS  Sessions Family in America, Descendants of Alexander Sessions of Andover
 SLAYTON  History of the Slayton Family: Biographical and Genealogical
  SMALL  Descendants of Edward Small of New England and Allied Families
  SMOOT  The Smoots of Maryland and Virginia (Descendants of William Smute)
  SPELMAN  Spelman Genealogy: English Ancestry and American Descendants of Richard Spelman
  SPOFFORD  Descendants of John Spofford and Elizabeth Scott (Spafford, Spaford, Spoford)
  SOUTHWICK  Descendants of Lawrence and Cassandra Southwick of Salem, Mass.
  STILES  The Stiles Family in America (Descendants of Robert Stiles of Rowley)
  STIMPSON   Genealogy of the Stimpson Family of Charlestown, Mass., and Allied Families
 STONE  Gregory Stone Genealogy
 The Stones of Surry (North Carolina)
 The Stones of Poynton Manor (Maryland)
 STROUD  The Strouds: A Colonial Family of English Descent
 THOMPSON  Descendants of John Thomson of Plymouth, Mass.
 Descendants of John Thomson, Pioneer Scotch Covenanter
 Thompson Genealogy: Descendants of William and Margaret Thompson
  TRACY  Genealogy of the Family of Lt. Thomas Tracy of Norwich, Conn. (1888)
 UPSON  The Upson Family in America (1940)
 VAIL  Genealogy of Some of the Vail Family Descended from Thomas Vail
 Moses Vail of Huntington, Long Island
 VAN DEURSEN  Van Deursen Family (Descendants of Cornelius)
 VENABLE  Venables of Virginia  (Samuel Woodson and William Lewis Venable)
 Ancestors and Descendants of William Henry Venable
  WALDO  Genealogy of the Waldo Family, Descendants of Cornelius Waldo of Ipswich
  WANTON  History of the Wanton Family, Newport, Rhode Island (1878)
  WARNER  The Descendants of Andrew Warner (of Cambridge and Hartford)
  WEBSTER  History and Genealogy of the Gov. John Webster Family of Connecticut
  WELLMAN  Descendants of Thomas Wellman of Lynn, Massachusetts
  WEST  The West Family Register, Important Lines Traced, 1626-1928
  WHITE  Memorials of Elder John White of Hartford, Conn.
 Ancestral, Chronological Record of the William White Family (Mayflower)
 WILKINS  The Family of Bray Wilkins, "Patriarch of Will's Hill" (Salem, Mass.)
 WILLARD  Willard Memoir: Life and Times of Major Simon Willard
 Willard Genealogy: Sequel to the Willard Memoir
 Descendants of Josiah Willard of Wethersfield, Connecticut
  WOOD  Lineal Descendants of William Wood, Concord, Mass., 1638
  WOODSON  Historical Genealogy of the Woodsons and Their Connections (Curd Edition)
  WOOLARD  The Woollards, Woolards, Wollards, and their Descendants in America (3d edition, 2009)

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